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Winter is fast approaching and as I sit here typing I’m wrapped up in a scarf and a big jacket, with the impending coldness of the month we really need to look after ourselves.


As someone with repetitive strain injury I have found that my wrists get worse in the winter due to cold hands, this is also the case for arthritis sufferers. To combat the aches and pains you often get throughout the winter months try some Emu Oil with Glucosamine to help ease pain and swelling. Hopefully you won’t intend to move from your seat in front of the fire but use that Glucosamine cream just in case you need to.


The cold weather and harsh winds can dry out your skin, not to mention your central heating. As soon as you switch this on it dries out the air in your home and your skin too. Now, don’t sit there shivering in your house just because you want super smooth, soft skin; whack that heating on and invest in a good oil based moisturiser such as the Emu Oil Face Creams. Moisturising your skin with the day cream will protect your face from the drying effects of the environment and the night cream will help to replenish your skin whilst you sleep. Also, as a bonus they are both anti-aging too!


Your hair can also suffer in the winter, with the wind whipping it into chaos and your central heating drying it out you need something that can help protect against all this. Using a product such as Emu Oil Shampoo followed by the Conditioner can help to tame frizzy hair, keep it looking soft and shiny and also will rid you of any nasty dandruff. I’d recommend tying your hair back when you go outside on a windy day. Not only will you look more controlled but you can then get to your destination, let their hair down, and amaze the wind swept crowd with your stunning, shiny locks.


Hands suffer in winter due to the cold and the rain, people expose their hands to wet gloves, snow, icy rails and damp pockets. All this can make your hands go dry and crack

. Find a good hand cream such as Emu Oil Hand Cream that you can pop into your bag and use as soon as you get in from the cold. This will keep your hands hydrated and will stop them from cracking with all the temperature changes.


In the winter the sun can still be strong enough to damage your skin, especially when there is snow involved. Lips are the most vulnerable to this damage so make sure you carry a lip balm with you at all times. Emu Oil Lip Balm will hydrate your lips and won’t leave them feeling dry as soon as it has worn off like Petroleum Jelly. On particularly sunny, snow covered days wear a thin coat of sun cream under your lip balm for added protection.


The emu oil craze is starting to sweep across celebs everywhere, first it was Zac Efron using it for his appendectomy scar and now it’s Playboy star and actress Jenny McCarthy. She told Michigan Avenue Magazine: “Emu oil. It’s great for anti aging and it’s my favorite thing to put on my face because there are no perfumes or dyes.”

She’s a smart lady for recognising how great emu oil can be for your skin. It plumps and firms the skin preventing wrinkles and smoothing out fine lines. And like she says it has no additives or anything that could potentially be harmful to your skin, this means that even those with the most sensitive of skin can use it. The base oil isn’t for everyone, however, some people may find that Emu Oil Day and Night creams maybe better for their skin. They contain other active ingredients such as Vitamin E and tend to be a lot less oily than putting the oil straight onto your face. Still all natural this could be the alternative for those with oily skin.

There is a misconception that Emu Oil cannot be used by anyone prone to spots or oily patches, this is untrue. There are various products out there that won’t make the skin too oily and all are non-comodegenic which means they don’t clog pores. Emu Oil is in fact very good for acne.

You can get emu oil from www.emu-oil-well.com

I’ve always been quite nervous of using night creams due to the nature of my skin, I get dry skin on my nose but the rest of my face is quite oily. But for the purposes of blogging I thought I’d give it a go. As you may or may not know emu oil products are quite, oily, no surprise there. The creams are made to be much less so but that still didn’t quell my reservations.

Day 1

After the first application of the day cream I was silky smooth, not oily. I had a few spots from a heavy, I didn’t take my makeup off for days, weekend so I then applied my foundation. Wow, I’ve never had my foundation go on so amazingly, it’s an expensive anti-agin YSL liquid thing with a brush but I always find that after appying after my normal moisturiser I have flaky bits. Flaky bits aren’t fun. So I put my foundation on and marvel at the smoothness of my skin, it could’ve been a fluke though so I continue about my day.

I don’t know what it is with my skin and foundation but even the long lasting stuff is off by the end of the day. I get home and go into the bathroom to reapply and see that I don’t have to. I’m a little confused by the still near perfect coverage. I go on my merry way once again thinking that it’s probably just a fluke. In the evening I remove all traces of makeup and day cream and get ready to apply the night cream. With a clean face I go for it, I must admit I did look a little shiny but it’s night cream no one is going to see me.

I hop into bed, have some odd dreams about dolls, wolves and college teachers.

Day 2

Next morning, having forgotten about the application of the night cream I get up and go to the mirror. I see a fresh faced Jess staring back at me. I have quite red cheeks and a fair few freckles but my skin looked smooth, even and lovely considering I’d just gotten up. Once again impressed I jump in the shower and go about my morning routine. Although I felt no need for foundation that day I put some on anyway after the day cream to validate my findings of the previous day. Was it the cream that was making the foundation stick so perfectly to my face?

Same thing all day and that evening. Brilliant, finally a combination of foundation and moisturiser / primer that actually works on my skin.

Early night, take off makeup, apply night cream sleep.

Dreams about kittens, puppies and nuclear war.

Day 3

I didn’t go for foundation today, I don’t always need it. I’m not prone to a huge amount of spots and my skin is generally pretty good. I must point out that I do get spots if I’m excessively oily, so don’t take makeup off, don’t shower (not a common occurrence, think festivals…) etc. Although without the foundation the cream makes your face feel a little sticky this soon wears off so you are feeling soft. Really soft! It’s hard to explain but you know when adverts say ‘silky smooth’ that’s the only way I can describe it.

The routine continued for the next few days. I kept using both creams and intended to keep using them until they were gone. However, I decided to do a bit of an experiment:

Day 10IMG_6722

No Emu cream last night or today. Instead I am applying foundation without it just to see if it has affected my skin in a positive way or if my skin was just being good for once. So applied foundation and went off to work. By the end of the day I looked more or less normal, there was no flaking, no smearing just less coverage all over. So turns out, wearing foundation on top of Emu day cream does make a difference and long term use of the cream also makes a difference for when you forget to put it on.

Verdict: Day cream is brilliant for a foundation primer, keeps me soft all day. The night cream, although a little greasy does not leave you with greasy skin in the morning. I love these products they are probably my favourtie out of the whole Emu Oil Well range.

Both creams can be purchased from: Emu Oil Well – Face Creams. £9.95 each or £15.95 for the two (+p&p)


1)      Age Spots – These are the build up of toxins in the body and although they are nothing to worry about they can be unsightly. Emu Oil capsules will help clear these up by aiding you body in flushing out these toxins.

2)      Gum Disease – Emu Oil can be used on a tooth brush along with your toothpaste to help soothe and repair damaged gums.

3)      Massage – Because Emu Oil is deeply penetrating and can help to soothe and loosen tight muscles it is the perfect oil to be used in massage.

4)      Scrapes and scratches – Putting Emu Oil on a scrap or scratch can ease the pain and help it to heal quicker. The quicker it heals the less discomfort you will get from it.

5)      Wasp / bee stings – Using Emu Oil on wasp and bee stings can give instant pain relief and speed up healing.

6)      Ear Ache – Rubbing Emu Oil on the bump behind the ear or on the temple can give quick relief from ear ache.

7)      Migraines – Rubbing Emu Oil on the temples can give relief from severe head pain.

8)      Chemotherapy burns – Those being treated with chemotherapy sometimes gets radiation burns; these can be soothed and treated with the application of Emu Oil.

9)      Skin grafts – These tend to heal more quickly and take better with less scarring when Emu Oil is used.

10)   Eye Irritation – Can be used on eye patches to reduce irritation and soothe.

11)   Frostbite – Emu Oil should be rubbed in as often as needed to frost bitten areas to help soothe and heal.

12)   Cholesterol reduction – Taking Emu Oil capsules can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

13)   Hair growth – Helps to awaken dormant hair follicles which leads to faster, thicker growth.

14)   Night cramps – Cramps are reduced significantly when Emu Oil is rubbed into the affected area before bed.

15)   Split ends – Because of the moisturising properties Emu Oil can be gently rubbed in to the ends of hair to repair split ends.

16)   Nosebleeds – Applying Emu Oil to the nasal tissue can help to prevent bleeding.

17)   Poisonous plant rashes – Rubbing Emu Oil into rashes obtained from plants can provide minor to complete relief depending on the severity of the rash.

18)   Shingles – Emu Oil can ease the discomfort associated with shingles.

19)   Chicken Pox – Because Emu Oil is safe to use on children it can help to provide relief from the itchiness of chicken pox.

20)   Diabetic bruises – Emu Oil can be applied to reduce the appearance of bruises.

21)   Fever blisters – Emu Oil can help to reduce the pain, itching and swelling.

22)   Wind Burn – Rubbing Emu Oil onto the affected area can reduce dryness and help to ease the pain and discomfort.

23)   Shaving rash – Using Emu Oil after shaving can help to moisturise the skin leaving it softer as well as reducing any irritation.

24)   Medication carrier – Because Emu Oil penetrates the skin so effectively it can be used to carry other oils, medications and substances deep into the tissue for more effective relief.

25)   Cracked skin – If skin is cracking on your body whether it be on hands, feet, ankles or anywhere else just rub in a generous amount to make those cracks heal and disappear.


1)      Sunburn – Because of its moisturising properties Emu Oil will help to prevent peeling skin whilst the anti bacterial and soothing properties will help to ease the pain.

2)      Arthritis – Although not a cure Emu Oil has been shown to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

3)      Muscle Aches – Whether it is from over exerting yourself in a sport or just after a hard day at work Emu Oil can help reduce inflammation and loosen tight muscles.

4)      Joint Pain – Because Emu Oil penetrates deep into tissue it can get to joint and help repair and maintain them whilst reducing inflammation and easing pain.

5)      Eczema – Emu Oil has natural moisturising properties an can help control eczema by softening the affected area, reducing pain and itchiness and swelling.

6)      Acne – Although it is an oil Emu Oil does not block pores, it reduces redness associated with acne and can help clear up recent scarring.

7)      Stretch Marks – Using Emu Oil on stretch marks can help the skin to regenerate and gives it back some elasticity.

8)      Scarring – If you have scars Emu Oil can be used to fade them but penetrating deep into the skin to help repair and regenerate new cells.

9)      Cracked heels – The moisturing and anti-bacterial elements in Emu Oil make it perfect for treating and preventing unsightly cracked heels.

10)   Minor Burns – Emu Oil can cool the pain of a burn whilst protecting it and warding off infection. It helps the skin to repair itself quickly meaning faster healing.

11)   Lacerations – For any small cuts or lacerations Emu Oil can be applied, even to pets, children and the Elderly because it is so gentle. The quicker a wound heals the less likely it is to scar and as Emu Oil can help this repairing process it is great for preventing scarring.

12)   Wrinkles – Emu Oil is such a great moisturising agent that it can help to plump up all layers of skin, this plumping in thin areas such as around the eyes can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

13)   Moisturing – Emu Oil can be used as a moisturiser for all over the body including the face, although it will make you look oily, it is good to use straight out of the bath and will make you feel soft and supple even if you do use it sparingly as it penetrates the skin so easily.

14)   Soothing chapped skin – Because of the moisturising elements Emu Oil can be used on particularly dry patches to instantly sooth and heal.

15)   Insect bites – The Oil can help to reduce the itchiness of insect bites by helping the skin to repair itself. Not only do you heal faster you will also find it easier to resist the urge to scratch.

16)   Nails – Putting Emu Oil on your nails can help to soften cuticles in preparation for a manicure and also prompt nails to grow quicker and stronger.

17)   Hair loss – Because Emu Oil can regenerate skin and hair cells it can help to thicken thinning hair and stop it from falling out as frequently.

18)   Hair breakage – Using Emu Oil, sparingly, on the end of your hair can help to reduce split ends. Depending on how greasy your hair in naturally you might be able to get away with leaving it in. If not then leave it for about fifteen minutes then rinse thoroughly.

19)   Face redness – Emu Oil can help to reduce redness in the face, by moisturing and soothing the skin.

20)   Before foundation – Pure Emu Oil can be used very sparingly on dry skin as a brilliant primer for foundation. If you skin is more greasy then Emu Oil day cream will have a similar, less oily effect.

21)   To tighten loose skin – Although the effect won’t be drastic, Emu Oil can help to firm and plump skin so it is perfect for that little extra tightening of skin as you get older in areas such as the neck and stomach.

22)   As a hand cream – Emu Oil is highly moisturing and can help to make hands more supple and help conditions such as contact dermatitis.

23)   As a dietary supplement – Emu Oil capsules can be taken to aid the diet as the oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids which your body needs but does not produce naturally. These essential fatty acids have been shown to be highly beneficial to skin, hair, muscles and joints.

24)   For treating dandruff – The Oil can help to regenerate and moisturise the scalp making it less flaky. It also is suitable for sensitive scalps as it is non-allergenic and made from all natural ingredients.

25)   For lip care – Because it is a powerful moisturiser it can moisturise the lips, this works better than moisturisers such as petroleum jelly as it penetrates the lips rather than just locking moisture in. This leads to moisturised lips even when Emu Oil hasn’t been used.

Natural beauty products are becoming all the rage now as celebrities hop on the natural healing bandwagon. If you want healthier skin, unblocked pores and no side effects then natural products certainly are the way to go.


Because natural beauty products are made from natural ingredients it means that they don’t contain the harsh petrochemicals that can harm skin. Many products such as shower gel contain these chemicals and although you get clean your skin is left feeling tight and dry. Using natural ingredients means that the product will do what it was designed to do and won’t damage your skin or hair.

Many natural products tend to have natural moisturising properties within them so whilst not damaging your skin you are also keeping it soft and supple at the same time.


Most natural products are very good for the environment as they don’t need to go through various processes that pump awful chemicals into our atmosphere. It is usually a case of harvesting the natural ingredients and putting them in a bottle. If you are particularly worried about your carbon footprint then there are many companies out there who sell products specifically designed to help the environment whilst being all natural too

Tried and tested

Most of the recipes for these natural products are ones that have been used for years before the products containing harsh chemicals arrived. This just goes to show that they work and stuffing something with chemicals will not make it smell nicer or be any safer on your skin.

What you should avoid

Always check the labels of what you buy and make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals such as petroleum, parabens, alcohols or artificial fragrances. If they do then they are not natural and are unlikely to be gentle on your skin. A quick bit of searching will help you to turn up a similar natural product that will be much gentler to you.

You skin type.

Even natural products can be designed for oily, dry and normal skin however, if you are unsure of which products are safe for your sensitive skin then it is likely that most of them are. Because natural products don’t contain chemicals that can harm skin the majority can be used on even the most sensitive skin and also on people of all ages. Generally, when using products that can aggravate sensitive skin they only do so because they are chock full of chemical irritants.

Frequency of use

Because natural products are so much more effective than others they needn’t be used every day. They are not a quick fix and instead can help to create health skin / hair cells the more they are used.  Being so effective means that you may be able to skip a day between use, for example it is better to wash hair every other day to keep it soft, shiny and strong. Using natural products may allow you more freedom to do this as they are lighter and do not clog up the scalp this means that it takes longer for your hair to look greasy.

Using a product every other day will make it last twice as long as one of the same size that you had to use daily. This means more money saved on skin care, hair care and cosmetics.

For natural skin care products visit: www.emu-oil-well.com

Joint pain could be anything from a sports injury to a long term illness, to make this more manageable then steps should be taken to reduce pain and inflammation to ensure that you heal properly.


Having a regular massage for the muscles around the afflicted area can help to reduce pain and increase mobility. The reason for this being that if you muscles are relaxed then you are going to find it easier to move which will put less stress on joints. Your muscles and joints are connected, if you free up tension in the muscles then your joints will thank you. Bad joints can lead to bad muscle having a massage promotes circulation which can in turn promote new, healthy muscle to fix those sore bits.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Although these may not be long term solution they can help with pain. A lot of the time light exercise can help repair muscles and joints. However, if you are in too much pain to get out and exercise then you aren’t going to get very far and you will get worse. Seek advice from your GP before taking on any exercise with bad joints, they will instruct you as to the best course of action. You don’t want to be doing too much exercise and making your joints worse.


There are various creams and rubs out there now that contain various ingredients to help reduce inflammation and pain. These come in the forms of warming gels that help relax the muscles and therefore reduce the pressure that they are exerting on the joint. There are also natural rubs out there that have natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties that penetrate right down in the all the layers of skin and muscle.


Eating the right sorts of foods can help build lean muscle which will make you stronger and more able to exercise. Eating fruits and vegetables with lots of colour can help reduce inflammation due to their natural properties. They can also help to build stronger bones and fight off free radicals. Also getting enough essential fatty acids in your diet can help to build healthy joints. Fatty acids such as Omega 3 are essential to the body but have to be obtained through the diet. These can be found in fish and nuts or can be taken as supplements such as Emu Oil Capsules or Cod Liver Oil.

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